Black Water: Why do many celebrities drink black water, what is its cost?

We all get advice to keep drinking water for good health, but some film stars are drinking certain types of water, media reports say that Malaika Arora, Shruti Haasan, Urvashi Rautela and many stars drink black water which is black in color. of happens.
What exactly is black water?
What are its benefits?
And can you drink it too?
So let us tell you all this in this article
Black water is also called alkaline water or alkaline ionized water, according to the Medical General Evidence Bascom Payment Free and Alternative Medicines (ABCAM), if the body has lost a lot of sweat after physical exercise, then the use of black water helps some electrolyte in the body. Increases supply.
According to BCM, tests done on rats revealed that it helps in maintaining body weight, its use also accelerates the process of metabolism, some companies claim that the signs of aging begin to decrease. Huh.

What happens in black water after all?

Companies that sell black water say that they are adding more than 70 minerals to their products so that the benefits of common water to the body are increased. It improves digestion, reduces acidity and increases immunity and contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. The proportion of minerals in different companies’ products is different.

What is the difference between normal water and black water?

To understand this, the dietician told that the drinking water that we normally use lacks those minerals which are necessary for our body, in some cases, due to lack of these minerals, a person can also fall ill. The pH level in the water is low and therefore sometimes the body starts having problems with the water of arro, many times due to this we have to take vitamins and supplements separately.
Research has said that alkaline water helps more people who have certain types of health issues.
For example, when acidity is felt in the stomach due to an enzyme called pepsin.

What is the cost of black water?

There are many brands selling blackwater in India, Evocus is one of them. The bottle seen in Malaika Arora’s hands is of the same brand, its 6 bottle pack can be bought for ₹ 600, each bottle holds half a liter of water. And there is a company whose name is valid Hrishi that the half-liter bottle set is available in ₹594, the price of half-liter bottle is close to ₹100 in the market.

Are there any side effects of black water?

It is not that everything is good, some research has also said that there can be some side effects on using black water for a long time. A research conducted in Finland states that excessive use can cause vomiting and changes in the fluid inside the body.
It is said that we cannot say that alkaline water is more beneficial for health just because its pH level is high, it depends on the mineral present in the water and it is not good to use too much because it also becomes poisonous for the body. could
At the same time, it also matters how it is reaching different parts of the body, so dieticians suggest that if you want to give to your body, then it is better that you go small in the natural way.

It is true that celebrities are drinking black water but they are taking very important precautions, they have a whole team of personal dieticians, just because someone is using black water, then we should also start doing it, it is not necessary that every person Our body is different, we should take care of each and every aspect.

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