‘Meri mummy ko phone mila do’: How bus driver Sushi Kumar saved Rishabh Pant. cricket news


New Delhi: Views of Rishabh PantC.’s horrific high-speed car accident and his miraculous escape from the crushed vehicle, which burst into flames, causes both fear and concern. He has not suffered any fatal injuries, it is nothing less than a miracle. For that, the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman had every way to thank the man who turned out to be a God-sent helper for saving his life. But Pant could barely raise his hand to thank Sushil Kumar, a Haryana Roadways bus driver, as he was taken on a stretcher and in an ambulance to the accident site on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.
On a foggy morning near Mohammadpur Jhal on the Narsan border near Roorkee, Kumar saw a car losing control and hitting the road divider. He shouted to get his conductor’s attention: “Paramjit, haath de jalde, gadi lagwa” (Put out your hand and indicate to park on the side),
Kumar and his helper jumped off the bus and ran towards Pant’s car.
A blood-soaked Pant somehow managed to get out of the car which had turned into a ball of fire. Kumar, who narrated the story to TimesofIndia.com, said, “Isko jaldi uthwa, gadi me aag lag rahi hai” (Help me lift her, the car is on fire).
As the bus was parked a short distance away from Pant’s burning car, the passengers fled away.
Meanwhile, Kumar and his assistant took Pant to the roadside and asked him: “Are you okay? Is there anyone else inside the car?”
But Pant was alone in the car, who was on his way home to surprise his mother.
He could barely speak and signaled for his phone, mustering all the strength left in him to ask Kumar: “Meri mummy ko phone mila do”.
Kumar found the phone lying near the car. He brought it to Pant and then dialed his mother’s number. But it was closed.
Good Samaritan Kumar said, “I reached out to help them out of insaniyat (on humanitarian grounds).”
When Kumar could not reach Pant’s mother on the phone, he called an ambulance and the police.
Kumar did not know that this star was Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant. He said that he was just trying to save a fellow human being.
“I didn’t want to leave the man (Pant) alone in that condition. I tried to look in the car and found no one. There was a lot of blood coming out of his forehead and legs. His mother’s phone was off,” Kumar said. Said during a conversation with Timesofindia.com.
“One of the passengers on the bus came, looked at the injured man and said ‘this is cricketer Rishabh Pant,'” said Kumar, who is not a cricket fan. “I hardly watch cricket. I don’t know who plays cricket for India. I only know Sachin (Tendulkar) and (MS) Dhoni. Be it a cricketer or a millionaire, I just wanted to help and save a life.”
Pant could not speak but his gesture was enough for Kumar to understand that the cricketer wanted to thank him.
Kumar said, “The ambulance took just 10 to 15 minutes to reach the accident spot. The police took my number, put the cricketer in the ambulance and took him to the hospital.”
Kumar said that some money was also lying on the road.
“There was some money scattered on the road. I picked it all up and put it in his (Pant’s) pocket. I told him ‘theek ho jaoge, dhyaan rakhana’ (You will be fine, take care). He wanted to say something , but couldn’t. He tried to wave his hand towards me, wanted to say thank you,” said driver Kumar.
According to the police statement, the 25-year-old Pant, who represented India in 33 Tests, 30 ODIs and 66 T20 Internationals, fell asleep at the wheel.
He was first admitted to Saksham Hospital Multispeciality and Trauma Center for treatment of impact injuries and was later shifted to Max Hospital, Dehradun.
According to a BCCI press release, Pant has two cuts on his forehead, torn ligament in his right knee and also bruises on his right wrist, ankle, toe and abrasion on his back.
Kumar said, “I am thankful to God that I could save someone’s life. May this cricketer get back on his feet soon and play for India once again.”


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