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New Delhi: Director of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA)… Shyam Sharmawho met Rishabh Pant Tests at the hospital on Saturday revealed that the cricketer was trying to avoid a pothole when the accident happened on Friday morning.
“He [Pant] is stable and doing well. BCCI doctors are in touch with the doctors of this hospital. The BCCI will consider whether he needs to be shifted elsewhere for better treatment. Pant told me that he tried to avoid the potholes when the accident happened,” Sharma told reporters after meeting the cricketer.

Earlier, it was reported that the cricketer had dozed off, which led to the accident. Pant, currently under treatment at a hospital in Dehradun, had reportedly told the police that he got on the wheel and lost control of the car before hitting the divider, overturning and bursting into flames.
Uttarakhand Director General of Police Ashok Kumar said, “Pant had told the local police that he lost control of his car after falling asleep for a few seconds. Police is probing the matter.”
on Saturday, Uttarakhand Police Said that Pant was not speeding and was not intoxicated. CCTV footage of the incident shows that the car driven by the cricketer crashed into a road divider near his hometown Roorkee in what appeared to be a high speed.

“We have checked eight to 10 speed cameras from the Uttar Pradesh border to the accident site in Narsan; the cricketer’s car did not exceed the speed limit, which is 80 kmph on that national highway. In the CCTV footage, the divider The car was moving at high speed after colliding with it. Our technical team also inspected the accident site, Ajay Singh said on Saturday.
“If he was drunk, how could he drive 200 km from Delhi and not meet any accident for such a long distance? The doctor who gave him first aid at Roorkee hospital also said that he is completely normal. So He was able to successfully extricate himself from the car, the SP said. No one can get out of a car while intoxicated.”
On Friday, the BCCI issued a statement on Pant’s injury.
“Rishabh has two cuts on his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee and also injuries to his right wrist, ankle, toe and abrasions on his back. Rishabh’s condition remains stable , and it has now been moved Max HospitalDehradun, where he will undergo MRI scan to ascertain the extent of his injuries and prepare for his further treatment,” the statement read.
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