Broncos QB Brett Rypien credits Nathaniel Hackett for TD pass vs. Cardinals

Denver Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien scored on a sneaky play-action touchdown pass last week against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Rypien made a handoff to Latavius Murray before turning the ball over from behind with a half second to go and then throwing to tight end Eric Tomlinson.

The play worked perfectly as Rypien hit a wide open Tomlinson for the score. After the game, Rypien credited coach Nathaniel Hackett for the sneaky play.

"I have to give Coach Hackett all the credit on that because we ran that play a few times and we ran it during practice on Friday," Rypien said after the 24–15 win. 

“I came out of it very quickly and held my head high for the causes we were talking about. He did a great job coaching me on that.

 He just kept saying, 'Trust it, trust it, trust it.' We worked on this last night.

"I worked it out in my hotel room on Saturday night. I really tried to work on that thing and to make sure I got the guy because Eric got blocked at the end.

 Really, we Just had to beat the corner. I'm very happy it worked out. It's great coaching in my opinion.

Hackett's brilliant coaching on Sunday worked, but the Broncos are still 4-10, so his job will undoubtedly be in jeopardy at the end of the season.

 However, the coach isn't going down without a fight, and he has at least three more games left to cross all the stops.


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