German team looking to enter NASCAR Cup Series in 2023

The NASCAR Cup Series could increase its international flavor in 2023 with the new entry of a team from Germany.

Dennis Hertz is looking to break into NASCAR's top division with his 3F Racing team and has already taken some initial steps to get started.

Hertz, 39, bought his NASCAR license as an owner and got the No. 30 entry. 3F Racing is incorporated as a company and is registered in the United States.

"Where will be the big surprise in American racing from spring 2023, because for the first time since then German will be spoken there," 

Hertz told "Words are very important to me, because we want to have an American team with roots in Germany."

The racing team will be headed by a German and some of the staff will be from Europe including Germany. 

However, Hertz knows Charlotte, N.C., like the back of his hand for his family, who runs a medical technology company in North Carolina.

Unlike many other upstart teams, Hertz is looking to skip the Xfinity Truck Series and immediately compete in the highest division. 

This left Hertz with the mammoth task of quickly settling a million dollar program without being able to bring in much equity.

“3F Racing is dependent on sponsorship money, which is why we work hard to find good, reliable and loyal partners to whom we can add value,” he said.

Teaming Up With Chevrolet

The former marketing director of Phoenix Racing in DTM and GT3 racing has good relations with General Motors, 

which is why he got approval for the team's endorsement from Chevrolet.

“We have a commitment from Richard Childress Racing, one of the most renowned teams in the NASCAR series, for our alliance. 

Importantly, this is not just a technical alliance, but a close partnership that also gives us the production line for our car Hall of RCR."

The German has not yet been able to answer the exciting question about which Hertz is planning for the first season.

“We are planning five to ten entries and by 2025 we are pursuing a strategy to start as a full-time team – again with just one driver. 

Before that, we will race part-time with multiple drivers, " They said.

"Thanks to the partnership with General Motors, we can draw on the Chevrolet driver pool. 

For ovals, we want a driver who has learned the sport from scratch. For the circuit, a European, maybe even a German driver, The idea is."


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