Keke Palmer Savagely Shuts Down Trolls Calling Her ‘Ugly’

1. Keke Palmer is pregnant, glowing and can’t NOBODY bring her down.

2. The momma-to-be recently came across some ill-willed comments on social media about her no-makeup appearance.

3. Being that Keke is super confident and secure in who she is, she quickly shut down the negative chatter.

4. Taking to Twitter with a no bulls**t tone, Keke tweeted, “I just saw a few comments of ppl saying I was ugly cause I wasn’t wearing any makeup.”

5. “And I really want y’all to get the help. Y’all need because makeup isn’t real. I’m beautiful in real life, because of who I am, not what I look like.”

6. She didn’t stop there, “I wish I could bottle how I feel about myself and sell it.”

7. “I mean truly it’s insane to anyone is ugly, but especially me .”

8. The amount of positive and hilarious clapbacks Keke’s fans sent out to the universe were endless.

9. “Not to be dramatic but whoever called Keke Palmer ugly should face jail time,” one person wrote.


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