1. ‘I Think She’s Coming Back’ – Naomi Osaka’s ‘Surreal’ Statement on Idol Serena Williams’ Poignant Farewell to Tennis

2. It's a big deal to see your role model retire who you looked up to growing up. 

That's what happened to Naomi Osaka when she watched her idol Serena Williams grow from the sport earlier this year. 

The four-time Grand Slam champion recently gave a candid administration about how she feels about her role model Serena Williams developing in her sport. 

Not only Osaka, her father was also inspired by the Williams Sisters. And got inspired to teach her daughters to play tennis.

3. What does Naomi Osaka say on Serena Williams leaving tennis?

4. Osaka is busy promoting her children's book 'The Way Champs Play' these days. And to talk about her new role, the Japanese tennis player was recently invited on the chat show 'With Hoda & Jenna'.

 He was asked how it felt to see his role model in his final dance and grow from the sport.

5. This question was answered by Osaka.

6. She said, "Um, to me it definitely feels surreal, and I'm almost like, I think she's coming back. But you know, how are you? 

It's happening or whatever." Can't be. So for me a moment I'm really grateful that he told everyone so we at least got a chance to see him.

7. Williams once hinted at a comeback.

8. Serena Williams appeared on The Tonight Show. He talked about Tom Brady starting an amazing streak of comebacks. 

And hinted that he could bring a similar Tom Brady back into the game.

9. What did Serena say?

10. "You know what, Tom Brady started an amazing trend," Williams said with a laugh. "That's what I'm about to say."


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