Someone Finally Comes to Deshaun Watson's Rescue in Court of Public Opinion

2. Deshaun Watson sure didn’t shine in his return after 700 days of inactivity in the NFL when he had his debut as quarterback of the 

Cleveland Browns at NRG Stadium to face his former team, the Houston Texans, however, two things turned out completely in his favor,

 the first one he won the game by a score of 27-14, and the second one, not all the attendees booed him.

3. Who was that Deshaun Watson's supporter?

4. Jilly Anais, Watson’s girlfriend, proudly wore Watson’s #4 jersey with the Browns and despite having to listen to the complete animosity 

of the Texans fans at the beginning of the duel, she showed on her Instagram account her ear-to-ear smile at seeing her man back on the field.

5. Deshaun Watson did not play the entire 2021 season

6. It is worth remembering that Watson did not play the entire 2021 season, when he was still with the Texans,

 due to the scandal that arose due to the 24 lawsuits filed against him by female masseuses

7. The other good news for Deshaun Watson

8. The other good news for Deshaun Watson and for Jilly Anais is that 23 of the 24 legal claims have already been dismissed with 

extraductional settlements and that it is also a fact that there will be no criminal punishment against the Clemson University graduate


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