‘Arm Felt Like It Weighed 100 Kilos’ – Top Rival Narrates Gruesome Experience of Facing Serena Williams in Her Prime

Every tennis player wanted to play against Serena Williams when she was active. 

It was because of his amazing play and everyone wanted to experience it on the opposite side of the net. 

Kim Clijsters, one of her rivals, reminisced about her favorite moment with Serena Williams on court. Incidentally, 

it was from that time that Williams won her first US Open in 1999. Clijsters put up a tough fight against Player of the Third Round. 

He served one of his most powerful serves. However, putting in too much effort paid a price.

Kim Clijsters on her favorite moment with Serena Williams on the court.

When asked about her favorite moment on court with Williams during an interview, Clijsters reminisced about their first match against her.

What did Clijsters say?

He said, “Probably the first match I played against him. I was not known in the tennis world.

 "I think she won her first US Open at 99 and I think I qualified and played her in the first or second round," Clijsters recalled.

But then the host reminded her what a great fight she put up against Serena Williams.

She said, "My arm felt like it weighed 100 kilos." This was because she served her strongest serve against Williams.

Clijsters had more to add.

 Furthermore, she concluded by saying, "Even though I lost, it was a big moment for me, playing against Serena,

 and seeing her win her first Grand Slam as an American win in New York was unbelievable."


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