While Most On Twitter Said RIP To Kirstie Alley, Others Are All About HATE

1. On Monday night, Kirstie Alley’s social media account broke the news of her passing to fans and followers.

2. The “Fat Actress” star was 71 and had a short battle with colon cancer before her death.

3. Her co-stars and friends at Tinseltown posted several eulogies and messages for Alley, as did many fans.

4. And yet, one section of Twitter seemed to still hate her.

5. There were some fans who mourned her passing because according to them, she was a Trump supporter and a true patriot.

6. This disgusted yet another faction of Twitter users who felt she should be mourned for her work and her life, rather than her political beliefs.

7. Others felt that her anti-vaccination stand hurt others and her death made no difference.

8. Many even mocked the fact that she was a Scientologist and yet tried to seek medical treatment for cancer.

9. Meanwhile a select few had a personal grudge to bear and they still seemed to be holding on to it very well.


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